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"The team of Michael Whipple and Mark Esakoff is first-rate, and the performances by this duo are first-rate examples of contemporary jazz within a world music setting. Excellent." -Jazz Review, Vol. 168 / 2001

"For lovers of cordially melodic music, these worthy musicians offer a sound of their own." -All About Jazz, March 2003

"Bamboo Blue is simply too much fun. If these cats didn't have a blast recording this album, I'd be shocked... if you don't have a good time listening to this CD, get a life, ya damn grouches!" -Zone Music Reporter, June 2008

"Chasm has taken a very passionate approach to their songs. There is a natural purity of sound that has nothing to prove or an ego to boost up and defend. This is the pure joy of sharing your art so that others may take pleasure in it also. Check this one out." -Awareness Magazine, July / August 2001

"Bamboo Blue is definitely feel good music. You can dance to it and feel like you are at a party in a Peter Sellers movie. If you are looking for something a bit different, mellow, tropical in feel, not trippy or introspective, here you have Chasm’s own well-crafted sound."  -Innerchange Magazine, April / May 2008

“Amiable, Good-Natured, Cheerful, Laid-Back, Mellow. AllMusic Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars” –AllMusic

"This duo layers an impressive variety of instruments into a continuous, cohesive musical fabric, resulting in a very original piece." -Ourstage Magazine, January 2011

"I give these folks a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... and an 'EQ' (energy quotient) rating of 4.82 on a scale of 1-5" -Improvijazzation Nation, Issue #98, January 2010

“We were immediately drawn to the aura that surrounded their sound. This band represents the true definition of world music.”  -St. Croix Music, January 2010

"Even after you've listened to this CD (Panorhythmica) many times, its musical depth keeps it fresh and engaging, as new melodies and beats continue to emerge and amaze." -Spa Magazine, January / February 2002

"Bamboo Blue is definitely an intriguing album. World fusion vibes, along with slivers of 60’s and ‘70’s pop rock, mixed with smooth jazz riffs make the music on the album very entertaining."  -BVS Reviews, May 2008

"A southern, warm weather kind of jazz... good music for driving on a sunny day or chilling out on the patio. All the musicians do great work and the solos are not overlong or tedious."  -Bullfrog Music Reviews, January 2009

"Sit back with a drink or three, relax, and enjoy this new musical set by Chasm which, I'm sure you'll agree, even at fifty-three and a half minutes will seem far too short." -Lux Aeterna Music Reviews, February 2008

"Chasm draws you in to an exuberant, joyful, and joy-filled presentation of World Fusion music. A rhythmic, infectious beat calls for hands to clap and feet to dance with bodies swaying and gyrating." -Wind and Wire, February 2004

"The songs are filled with complex rhythms and catchy melodies that hide exotic little surprises throughout the album. You never know where this music is going to take you until you get there." -Innerchange Magazine, June / July 2002

"Loaded with hooks that grab your attention and keep it." -New Age Voice, June 2001

"When you feel like experiencing an exotic tropical vacation without leaving your living room, Chasm can arrange the perfect audio getaway." -Music Web Express 3000, June 2001

"Sound and talent that cannot help but delight both the masses and the most discriminating music lover." -Spirit of Change, September / October 2001